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Staggering Genius! Class 10 Student 'Hides' Mobile In Glass Clipboard To Cheat, Almost Succeeds

Cheating during examinations can have harsh consequences and Indian students have all kinds of jugaad up their sleeves to get away with it. With the help of technology, these tricks and tips have gotten easier. 

In a recent case, a class 10 student was caught by the flying squad of the Board of School Education Haryana (BSEH) for cheating during his English board exam, in Fatehbad district. 


According to reports, the student was using a glass clipboard with a mobile phone stuck to its middle and had opened several apps to cheat. He was hiding the phone with a paper. 

A video of the incident was posted on social media. The clip shows 11 pictures of textbook pages posted on the student’s WhatsApp chat. The video was shared by journalist Deepender Deswal on Twitter with the caption, ”One of the examinees got a smartphone fitted in the clipboard for cheating in exam at an examination centre in Fatehabad district of #Haryana in the Board examination being conducted by the Board of School Education. The flying squad detected use of unfair means.”

“The student had saved the content of the English subject in the gallery of the mobile phone and he was cheating from there. In another case, the flying squad recovered a mobile that was kept below a mattress by another class 10 student at Bhuna examination centre (Fatehabad). The squad also recovered written chits from the pants of a boy student and from the shirt of a girl student at Bhirdana exam centre,” a spokesperson of the board told Hindustan Times

457 cases of malpractice and cheating were reported on Monday. The squad registered a case against the boy after finding the answers to the exam questions on his mobile phone. 


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