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100 UK Companies Sign Up For Permanent 'Four-day Week' With No Pay Cut

One hundred companies in the UK have agreed to give all of their employees a permanent four-day workweek without a pay cut.

This is a big step forward in the movement to completely change how people in the UK think about and approach their jobs.

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The 2,600 employees of the 100 companies make up a minuscule percentage of the UK’s working population, but the 4 Day Week Campaign hopes they will serve as a catalyst for change.


Technology, events, and marketing organizations comprise the majority of four-day week adopters. However, the campaign stated that specific manufacturing and construction employers have signed up.

According to many who advocate for a four-day week, five-day patterns are a relic of a more prosperous era. They thought going down to a four-day workweek would make companies more productive, so they could get the same work done in fewer days.

Some of the first people to use the policy have also found that it helps them find and retain good employees. 

Atom Bank and the global marketing company Awin, which each have about 450 staff members in the UK, are the two biggest companies that have signed up. 

The Four-Day Week Campaign has given them a seal of approval, showing that they have cut workers’ hours rather than forcing them to work longer shifts.

As per a report in Guardian, a think tank suggests that a four-day workweek would help with the current economic problem caused by rising prices. 

As CEO Adam Ross phrased it, “one of the most transformative initiatives we’ve seen in the company’s history” was moving to a four-day workweek.

“Over the last year and a half, we have not only seen a tremendous increase in employee wellness and well-being but concurrently, our customer service and relations, as well as talent relations and retention, have also benefited.”

Researchers at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Boston College, and the think tank Autonomy continue working with the UK campaign to run the nation’s biggest pilot scheme to try out a four-day work week in about 70 companies with 3,300 employees.


In September, 88% of these companies said that the four-day week was “working well” for their business in the middle of the trial. About 95% of the surveyed companies said that productivity had either stayed the same or improved vastly since the transition.

“We want to see a four-day week with no loss of pay become the normal way of working in this country by the end of the decade, so we are aiming to sign up many more companies over the next few years,” he said.

“Many businesses can’t afford to give pay raises that keep up with inflation of 10%, so a four-day week with no loss of pay is being suggested as an alternative.”

Here is the list of UK companies participating in the 4-day week campaign:

Here is the complete list of companies participating:

3D Issue448 Studio64 Million Artists92 Minutes LtdAdvantage Business PartnershipsAdvice Direct ScotlandAtlas TranslationsAtom BankAwinAutonomyBarefoot ArchitectsBiBOBig Potato GamesBlinkBrett Nicholls AssociatesButcher Bayley ArchitectsCauseway Irish Housing AssociationCharlton MorrisCity to SeaCIVOCMG TechnologiesColtech GlobalCommon KnowledgeCooked IllustrationsCrystallisedDataLaseDigiLabDigital Guerilla ConsultancyEarth Science PartnershipElektra LightingEscape the CityESG GamingEsteem TrainingEvolved SearchFloccFormedixForward SpaceFour Day Week LtdGeeks for Social ChangeGracefruitGreenpostGungho MarketingHearFocusHello Heat PumpsHello StarlingHighfield Professional SolutionsJMK SolicitorsLegacy EventsLUX – The Food & Drink AgencyMATS ConsultancyMRL ConsultingNEON (New Economy Organisers Network)New Vision Digital MarketingOriel SquareOriginal ConsultantsPaul David Smith PhotographyPool DataPortcullis LegalsPTHRPunch CreativeRebootResilience BrokersReward AgencySEOMG!Sinister Fish GamesSocial Enterprise DirectSofter SuccessSTC ExpeditionsSTOP AIDSScottish Community Safety NetworkstreamGOT-CupTalewind Target PublishingTeam Custard KrakenTeam Norse ThunderTechnoventThe CircleThink ProductiveTHRYVETime AppointmentsTriberaUniqodoUPAC GroupVault City BrewingVenture StreamWhyfieldXasoYWCA ScotlandZync DigitalPureFluentCounting King LimitedTrio MediaBJP Consulting Group LtdThis Is BeyondGlobal Partners DigitalLIT CommunicationPollard MediaAcuity SolutionsPrinciples AgencyTyler Grange Group Ltd

Historians compare the four-day week debate to the 19th-century two-day weekend campaign.

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