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Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound

The Nothing Ear (2) are ‘nothing’ short of effective. The earbuds are able to deliver a pleasantly versatile listening experience, complemented by a design that feels subversive, and a comfortable fit. Are the buds worth ₹9,999? In this review, I discuss its performance, design, and battery.

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
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From the get-go, the design will seduce you. The edgy charging case carries forward the aesthetic of the previous gen earbuds and the Nothing Phone (1), while packing it into a lightweight pair of earbuds that are easy to forget about until the battery runs out (which it will).

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
universo virtual

The Nothing Ear (2) offer an impressively comfortable fit that prevents the buds from falling out even if you’re doing movement-heavy activities. Just be sure to use the right size ear tips (you can perform a fit test on the Nothing X app). 

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
universo virtual

The earbuds weigh 4.5 grams while the case weighs 51.9 grams. If you’re looking for a smaller case (this one has dimensions of 55.5mm x 55.5mm x 22mm) that is easier to carry, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 would be a better choice. In addition, you might end up trying to open the Nothing Ear (2) case incorrectly many times – for the back and front look very similar.

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In addition, the white shiny plasticky head makes the buds feel ‘half-premium,’ but the stem that has pinch controls is a tech aesthete’s dream come true.


If you end up buying the Nothing Ear (2), I would suggest using the useful Nothing X app to suit your preference in terms of sound and to create a personalised profile. Out of the box, the sound felt subdued, but nothing a couple of tweaks can’t fix in the app – and don’t forget to update the firmware!

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
universo virtual

I mostly listen to a lot of indie pop (like this awesome song) and some mellow shades of alternative, and I think the buds can do a really good job in terms of delivering various genres – supported by 11.66 mm driver that supports LHDC 5.0 codec (read high-resolution audio) and a dual-chamber design that definitely makes this pair a worthy upgrade over the Nothing Ear (1), offering a more crisp and clear sound. I feel that the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 are the right pair for those who enjoy more treble and a punchier bass. This doesn’t mean the sound on the Nothing Ear (2) is bad, it just leaves you wanting a tiny extra kick in the ear.

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Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
universo virtual

Over to noise cancellation – the buds can drown external noises up to 40dB. In essence, if you sit in a small space with the fan on at full speed during summers, you will be able to enjoy the music without feeling the constant buzz. As I stated in the beginning – effective!


When I say that I have earbuds in my ears at all times of the day, it’s not an overestimation. Considering my neediness for sonic pleasure, the Nothing Ear (2) can last for over 3 hours on a single charge with ANC on, (Nothing claims about 4 hours) – kind of leaving me high and dry.

Nothing Ear (2) Review: Light As Air, Heavy On Sound
universo virtual

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Even then, the case is eveready to juice the buds again quickly, making up for the 3-hour-long performance. The buds come with a 33 mAh battery and the case is equipped with a 485 mAh case that is able to charge quickly. The case can last almost five full cycles for the buds if you’re on-the-go.


– Unique design (for those who love the edge)

– Good sound with top-notch features

– Lightweight and very comfortable fit

– IP55 rated case and IP54 rated buds, upgrade from last gen


– Still a big case (my pockets don’t like it)

– Average battery

– The price (₹9,999)

– Anti-plasticky gang will not like holding the buds 

Did this review help you make your decision about the Nothing Ear (2)? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading universo virtual.com.  

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