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Comedian Jokes He Didn't Help Those Who Voted For 'Chai' During Covid-19 2nd Wave, Criticised

Comedian Daniel Fernandes reportedly published a video on February 3 on his YouTube channel, which has created a massive controversy. 

In the video, which was recorded during his live show, shows the stand-up comedian sharing his bigotry views and making controversial comments apparently hinting at the ruling party. 

Comedian Daniel Fernandes Slammed For ‘Chai Party Voters Deserve To Die

The comedian said that people who voted for the “Chai Party” should be boycotted by society. He also went on to make comments like “people who voted for them should die instead of getting medical aid.” 

Daniel further mentioned in the video that during the Covid-19 pandemic, his Instagram became a place for seeking medical assistance just like a hospital. 

Check out the controversial video:

People were seeking help for their medical problems, according to Daniel, who revealed that during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, he would extend his help only to those who did not vote for the “chai party”, he meant the ruling party, as per the news portal eastcoastdaily.in. 

He asked people about the party they voted and blocked them if they said that they had voted for ‘Chai Party’.

Because of his controversial remarks, many slammed him on social media.

One user took to Twitter and wrote, “Watched video of supposed standup comedy by a joker Daniel Fernandes. It is abt 2nd wave COVID, this scum politicises it & recommends ppl who voted for NaMo, shouldn’t be given treatment even if they r deathly sick with covid, & his audience is clapping. Such is their degeneracy.” 

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