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Revealed:What Olympic athletes actually eat!

As the athletes across the world prepare for their ultimate ‘feast’-delicious medals in gold, silver and bronze, (while our athletes live out a public dramedy), it might just interest a curious mind-‘What fuels the machinery’?

As they strut around in their perfectly toned bodies, how much effort do they put into selecting what goes in along with what goes on them (it’s the new age people, forced friendships with designer clothes and make up isn’t an option anymore).

With a tasty name for a country, athletes from Turkey recently revealed their daily food intake in a photo shoot in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Turkey is taking a team of 85 athletes to the Olympiad, a record number for the Eurasian nation of nearly 75million-and dozens of young male and female athletes around the country are now busily training, the Daily Mail reports.

Apart from a strict fitness regime, these athletes have to monitor their food to achieve the optimum level of nutrition and energy demanded by their bodies.

Javelin thrower Fatih Avan told Daily Mail ‘A good diet is essential for power. A correct and consistent diet proves its value in my training,’.

Fatih Avan

With the daily calorie intake ranging from mere(?) 1500 calories of Taekwondo fighter Nur Tatar to a whopping 3500 calories of Weightlifter Mete Binay, the Olympic hopefuls consume food of all shapes, sizes and types.

Kilos of red meat, litres of milk, fruits and vegetables (kids, will you listen to your mother now?) form part of their daily meal which many supplement with performance enhancing multivitamins.

World champion weightlifter Mete Binay, aged 27, fuels up on a whopping 3,500 calories a day. He drinks at least two glasses of milk a day, and his diet is largely composed of red meat, the website reports.

Well, it seems the next time we end up eating vast quantities of food, a sure shot explanation just might be ready-‘Aiming for the Olympics’ that is. But on a serious note, this story reveals how seriously athletes prepare their bodies, in the ultimate hope of striking gold in an event that doesn’t allow for second chances and missed glory.

Here’s hoping, may the force and lots of accessible food, be with them at the upcoming Olympics.

Read the original story at Daily Mail.

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