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Beware Contact Lens Users! Woman Almost Lost Eyesight After Contact Lens Caused Ulcer In Her Eye

We have always been advised against putting anything external into our eyes. This includes contact lenses, which although safe for the eye, can lead to infections if not used properly. 

In what seems to be a harrowing experience, a 25-year-old British woman named, Steph Carrasco nearly lost her eyesight due to an ulcer caused by her contact lenses. 

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What happened? 

What Steph thought to be a normal itchiness in the eye caused by her lens turned out to be something more severe when she paid a visit to the doctor. 


The eye doctor revealed that she was going through a severe bacterial infection. Her optometrist, Jack Brenton referred her to a specialist eye hospital. 

How did her treatment go? 

Steph had to spend a week at the hospital, wherein she had to put 72 eye drops daily in an effort to reduce the ulcer’s size. 

Despite that, her corneal ulcer wasn’t healing which led medical staff to perform a cornea transplant. 

Though her vision improved after three weeks, she is expected to fully recover only by October. 

Steph recounts her experience 

“By the time I was admitted to hospital, I could barely see. It was terrifying. Thankfully, Jack and the team were outstanding. He made sure I didn’t leave the Specsavers store until he had arranged plans with the hospital and kept me reassured during an incredibly stressful time. He was quick thinking and thorough, I couldn’t be more grateful,” said Steph to Wales News Service. 

She added, “It’s easy to dismiss health concerns, but this has taught me to never take my vision for granted. I just feel incredibly lucky to have had Jack and the hospital’s medical team there to help when I needed them the most.” 

While undergoing treatment, she learned from hospital staff that the harshness of her infection was so bad, she could have lost her eyesight if it was not treated on time. 

What is a corneal ulcer?

A corneal ulcer is an open sore on your cornea, caused by mostly an infection.
Symptoms include a red, watery and bloodshot eye; severe eye pain and pus or other eye discharge. 

Corneal ulcer/ clevelandclinic.in
Corneal ulcer/ clevelandclinic.in

A corneal ulcer can lead to vision loss and blindness. 

Someone who uses contact lens has a higher risk of getting a corneal ulcer, especially if they sleep wearing their contacts.  

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