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The Straight Drive Is A Difficult Shot To Master, But It's Not Impossible To Learn

For those of us who have grown up watching the cricket, one shot which we thoroughly enjoyed was the straight drive. The joy of watching the ball go straight past the bowler could not be compared to anything else, especially if any of our heroes were batting.

The straight drive is one of the purest cricket shots


It is not easy to master this stroke, but once you get the hang of it, pulling it off looks wonderful. Having said that. it’s not rocket science either. Here we go:

1. Fix eyes on the ball and lean in with the front shoulder. The front foot and a bent front knee is the base for the shot

2.  Make sure head is level or ahead of front knee and raise the back foot to the toes. The bat accelerates vertically and contact is made with the eyes directly under the ball

3. The bat accelerates in a straight line, the wrists are relaxed and the face of the bat is facing the sky

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