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Nitric Oxide, The Gas That Gave Us Viagra, Might Just Be The Cure For COVID-19

In the race for finding a specific treatment for COVID-19, the colourless gas nitric oxide has emerged as a possible cure. Nitric oxide is a colourless gas helps blood...

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In 1903, Tip Foster Made 287 And It Remains The Highest Test Score On Debut Till Date

When Tip Foster walked to bat on his Test debut for England vs Australia in 1903, little did he know that he was going...

Crypto Will Collapse One Day, Says Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Just a couple of days back, in a major setback to India’s crypto industry’s future, the Finance Minister had made a slew of announcements...

Bengaluru's Beloved 'Podi Idli' Under Fire As Critic Garners Widespread Support

If you've ever gone to Bengaluru, you've probably heard about their famed 'podi idli.' For those who don't know, it is just plain idli...

Support Pours In For 13-Year Old Rape-Survivor Sent To Juvenile Home For Killing Her Rapist

In a bizarre case, a 13-year-old rape survivor has been detained and sent to a juvenile home for allegedly murdering a 45-year-old man who...

Why Every Child Must Learn To Play Music, Here Are 11 Ways It Makes You Better

Parents often like to foist extracurricular activities on their kids. Maybe you weren't really into sports but they insisted you go out and play. Maybe...


With 2.1 Lakh Female Employees, TCS Becomes Top Women Employer In India

With 2.10 lakh female employees in its workforce, Tata Consultancy Services has turned out to be the biggest employer of women in India. Women employees...

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