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China Restricts Activists' Social Media Ahead Of Winter Games

Human rights activists and a few academics in China have had their WeChat messaging app accounts restricted as per AFP. This is happening as Beijing cracks down on dissent before the Winter Olympics. 

China plans on making the Games a soft power triumph.

Winter Games

“This storm of shuttering WeChat accounts is too strong and unprecedented,” said veteran journalist Gao Yu. 

“The government now wants to make sure that people don’t cross the line online to poke the facade of a perfect Winter Olympic Games,” said Yaqiu Wang, senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch. 

Winter Games

“I know many people who’ve been banned from posting in group chats or posting WeChat Moments lately,” said an anonymous Beijing lawyer whose account was restricted last month. 

“Before and during the Olympics is a major sensitive period,” added a Beijing-based activist whose account was restricted twice in the past two months.

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