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For her twins, Mary Kom's 'mommy strongest'

Skateboards! That’s what little Rechungvar and Khupneivar are looking forward to. The five-year-old twins don’t know what it takes to win a medal in Olympics; they are even clueless about the hardships their mother Mary Kom had to face to make it to London. All that matters to these tiny tots is mom’s homecoming. She has promised to get skateboards for them.

Mary Kom

“We are missing her,” the brothers, who celebrated their fifth birthday on Sunday, told TOI after Mary’s quarterfinal bout, which assured India of a medal. Ever since Mary and her husband Onkal have left for London, the kids are impatient for their return.”My brother (Onkal) left on August 3 to be with Mary, and initially it was very difficult to control the kids. Every time they speak to Mary, they ask her to come back,” Mary’s sister-in-law Joy told TOI over phone.”This is the first time that they are away from both parents, and for the first few days, they refused to eat. But now, whenever they miss mom, they just turn the TV on,” Joy said.On Monday, when the entire nation was praying for the boxer’s victory, Rechungvar and Khupneivar also sat in front of the television at their Imphal home to cheer for their mother. With Mary punching away, the brothers kept saying: “You are the strongest, mom!”The moment Rechungvar and Khupneivar reached their school in Langol, they were surrounded by people wishing luck to ‘Magnificent Mary’. “In school, the teachers were asking us about mom. Our friends too wished her luck. It was a good day at school,” Rechungvar said.

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