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I've done nothing any dad wouldn't do: Harvir

BANGALORE: Saina Nehwal’s scientist father Harvir Singh said on Wednesday that his daughter’s efforts had resulted in a miraculous change in his life and enhanced his prestige, but that he had not done anything extraordinary for her.

I've done nothing any dad wouldn't do: Harvir

“She tells everyone her father helped her in every step. Her coaches have put in a lot of effort too. She even says that I got recognition because of my father but it’s all been her effort,” he said. “After we moved to Hyderabad, I fought for her throughout her career. I gave her the best facilities money could buy, even if it meant I had to borrow because that is what a father does for his child. Parents usually spend lakhs investing in a child’s education. My investment was on sport,” he said.Now that his daughter is the toast of the badminton fraternity in India following her medal in the London Games, the 62-year-old said that he now leads a life free of worries. “Today, I have no worries at all and I am so proud that she remembers all our efforts. However, it is her hard work that must be lauded. All the money we spent on her would have amounted to nothing had she not been so hard working and full of resolve,” he said.Reflecting on how the hard times have slowly become a memory, Harvir said: “Until a few years ago, I never had a scooter too. Today, we have seven fine vehicles, a good house, good reputation in society and a bronze medal for India. There is a miraculous change in my life and enhancement in my prestige. I was never worried about her. I am 62 years old and I have never been to a doctor, I have no medical bills to worry about. I am happy and that keeps me healthy.”On boxer Mary Kom’s joke that Saina could be a star performer even after marriage, Harvir said: “Mary cracks a lot of jokes. But Saina can continue playing after she gets married too. If we find a good guy then we will go ahead. If she selects someone, we won’t back out. It has to happen one day or the other.”

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