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Pak umpire in sex scandal


MUMBAI: After issuing many denials about his involvement with Mumbai-based model Leena Kapoor, Pakistan’s International Cricket Council (ICC) umpire Asad Rauf, on Wednesday, maintained that the photographs showing the two of them posing together, were indeed real.However, 56-year-old Rauf continued to maintain that he did not have any relationship with the 21-year-old model from Oshiwara in Mumbai.Rauf is caught in the middle of a controversy, where he has been accused by Kapoor of sexually exploiting her for the last six months, promising to marry her, and later abandoning the relationship. Leena has filed a police case in Mumbai, which was confirmed to TOI on Tuesday by DCP Pratap Dighavkar, Zone 6.Rauf is an ICC Elite Panel umpire and considered among the world’s best. He says the model took pictures with him posing as a fan and dismissed her claim that he proposed marriage to her. However, the photographs sent by the model to the media suggest something totally different. Leena says that there was serious courtship between her and Rauf and the umpire is now lying by calling her just another fan.”I am 56 and happily married with two kids and at my age how can I promise marriage to anyone else. I don’t know why she is doing this but if she continues, I will have to take legal action against her,” Rauf was quoted as saying by news agencies on Wednesday. “Her allegations are preposterous and she is concocting stories for cheap publicity and fame,” Rauf added.According to the model, she met Rauf in Sri Lanka in March this year through a common friend and the two exchanged their telephone numbers and also spent three days together in the island. Leena says that despite being married, Rauf lured her into the relationship by suggesting that since his religion allows him to have more than one wife, they could go ahead with the relationship.She also says that Rauf offered to buy her a flat in Mumbai but adds that she did not get into the relationship with the umpire for money alone. It is learnt that the model has charged Rauf with rape and physical abuse. After circulating her photos with Rauf in the media, Leena says, “I have more pictures. How can he say there is no relationship between us? “The pictures, available with TOI, show Rauf and the model getting cosy with each other and partying.Rauf says many people like Leena Kapoor want to meet and take photographs with people like him. “So a few pictures don’t mean I had an affair with her,” Rauf added.TNN

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