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UK's HR groups outraged over corrupt officials attending Olympics

London: Britain’s human rights groups are outraged over preparations to welcome an Olympic ”hall of shame” of corrupt Games officials and foreign dictators.


According to Daily Express, millions of pounds are being spent to give questionable politicians and fraudster delegates from the International Olympic Committee a VIP treatment in London. They will be living in luxury hotels and given personal chauffeured cars throughout the capital by Lord Coe’s organizing team. The VIPs will also include the bosses of top-level corporate sponsors whose business practices have infuriated protesters. Human rights activists are appalled by the imminent arrival of one dictator in particular. Ilham Aliyev, the president of oil rich Azerbaijan who also heads his country’s National Olympic Committee, has a “terrible record on freedom of expression”. Controversial members of the International Olympic Committee will also revel in luxury hospitality, including former French sports minister Guy Drut, who was also an Olympic hurdler, who was given a 15-month suspended prison sentence for fraudulently accepting a salary for a fictitious job created as part of a wider Paris City Hall scam. Billionaire Lee Kun-Hee, an IOC delegate from South Korea, is also likely to be an Olympic guest. He remains the chairman of Olympic sponsor Samsung, having resigned from the position in 2008 amid a massive slush funds scandal involving bribes to judges and other public officials.Controversial corporate sponsors will also be driven around in top-of-the range BMWs, including bosses of General Electric, which has attracted critics in the US for avoiding corporate taxes, and of Dow Chemical which is linked to the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster. ANI

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