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This Toilet From The Future Will Make Sure You Will Never Get Your Hands Dirty

Today, technology has enabled basic analogue gadgets in our homes get digital — we have IoT controlled fans, air conditioners, and now plumbing giant Kohler wants to bring this smartness into our toilets and washrooms too.


Kohler calls it Numi 2.0, and you can call this the Mercedes of toilet seats. The toilet seat — which was unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas — has been designed to truly set the mood with customised lighting zones that can be controlled with your smartphone. 

While it still functions like a regular toilet, the flush lever has sensors so that you don’t need to touch it to operate it, leaving your hands germ-free and pristine. You also get surround sound speakers to keep you entertained while going number two.

One thing that we all dread is sitting on a chilled porcelain toilet seat on a cold winter morning. But Kohler’s Numi 2.0 fixes that by adding its proprietary PureWarmth toilet seat that warms the seat to your liking for giving a comfortable experience. 

The toilet, with all the smartness, doesn’t come cheap — starting at $7000 for the standard white variant and $9000 for a black finish.

Along with this, Kohler launched another set of smart bathroom fixtures to accompany the smart toilet. They also unveiled a cool looking showerhead, straight out of a sci-fi movie that has Alexa built into it. It is water-resistant and has speaker drivers developed by Harman Kardon that will deliver crystal-clear audio even with water passing from around it.


Dubbed Moxie, the showerhead is detachable, so that you can charge it once its battery runs out. It can easily deliver 6-7 hours on a single charge. In case you don’t want Alexa snooping in while you’re showering, you can also opt for a standard Bluetooth speaker minus the AI goodness of Alexa. 

The Moxie showerhead and Bluetooth speaker is priced at $169, while the showerhead with Alexa speaker will be $229. Kohler is also selling the Bluetooth speaker separately for $99, and the Alexa speaker for $159.

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