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Here’s How To Apply For COVID-19 Passes In India

With the whole nation in lockdown due to COVID-19, our freedom to move anywhere we want to has somewhat gotten constrained. Sure, it is absolutely unsafe to travel anywhere with the pandemic-causing SARS-CoV-2 still lingering, infecting hundreds in India, today. 

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How to Apply for Covid 19 Travel Pass Online?

covid 19 pass apply online

But there are instances, a situation where you really need to be somewhere — either due to the death of a loved one, or travelling back home where no public transport can drop you. For such extreme cases, authorities across the nation are issuing passes, in order to either travel within a state or permitting you to enter in a particular state. 

However, each state has its own set of processes and website that you need to follow to get hands-on these passes. Some states require a pass, whereas some don’t This can sound complicated, however, we’ve simplified this process for you. 

COVID-19 Pass for Delhi

In case you’re travelling to Delhi or are going to cross Delhi to go to some other state, you’d be happy to know that there are no passes needed to travel to the capital. You also don’t need a pass to travel within the territory. You also don’t need any pass to get out of Delhi to go to another state, however, the permission of the destination state is imperative. 

COVID-19 Pass for Haryana

Just like New Delhi, travelling to Haryana requires no pass whatsoever. You also won’t need a pass to travel from Haryana, or crossing Haryana to visit some other state. Again, having permission for the destination state are compulsory.

COVID-19 Pass for Madhya Pradesh

In case you’re travelling to Madhya Pradesh, you will need an e-pass that you can apply from the state’s official website here. There is no additional pass required for travelling within the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

COVID-19 Pass for West Bengal

West Bengal has a two-day lockdown every week and these days constantly shift, so you need to be up to date for that. 

covid 19 pass apply online

For travelling to West Bengal, you need a pass which can be applied here. Moreover, if you plan to travel within the city during the lockdown period, you will need an e-pass for the same. Otherwise, travelling within city limits is permitted. 

COVID-19 Pass for Andhra Pradesh

While you don’t need any pass to travel within Andhra Pradesh, whether from one city to another or one district to another, you do need a pass for travelling to Andhra Pradesh, as well as crossing Andhra Pradesh to visit some other state. You can apply for the pass by visiting this site. 

COVID-19 Pass for Karnataka

While Bengaluru might have just unlocked from a complete lockdown, the state of Karnataka is still not allowing individuals to enter or go through the state without a pass. You can apply for a travel pass from the official website here. There is no pass needed to travel within the city though. 

COVID-19 Pass for Punjab

Punjab has raised restrictions for travel in the state. You no longer require COVID-19 pass to travel either within different cities/districts in the state, or enter Punjab or even cross Punjab to visit some other state. 

corona pass apply online

COVID-19 Pass for Odisha

As of now, there’s a 14-day complete lockdown in Ganjam, Khordha, Cuttack, Jajpur districts and Rourkela Municipal Corporation area from 9 pm of 17 to 31 July midnight. In order to enter Odisha, you will require a pass that you can avail from this site. There is no restriction on movement within the state, except for areas that are in a containment zone.

COVID-19 Pass for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu requires a pass for people entering the state or passing through the state which can be applied here. It allows free movement of vehicles within the state and cities. It is, however, important to note that Chennai will be in lockdown every Sunday till the end of July 2020.

COVID-19 Pass for Maharashtra

COVID-19 pass for the state of Maharashtra is a little complicated. While a pass is compulsory for entering (which can be applied here), in case you’re visiting the city of Pune, you need an additional pass from the Pune Police that you can avail by clicking here

covid 19 pass apply online

Also in case you’re travelling to another state from Maharashtra, you’ll need to apply here.

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