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Motorcycle Maker Kawasaki Unveils 'Bex', Goat-Shaped Rideable Robot

Would you like to ride an electric goat to work? Thanks to motorcycle maker Kawasaki, it might be a possibility soon. The Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki unveiled its two new robots at the 2022 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. One of these is a goat-shaped robot.

Called “Bex,” the robot was created as part of the company’s Kaleido programme that has been attempting to build humanoid robots in Japan since 2015.

Just like the Boston Dynamic’s robot dog, this goat-shaped robot can perform using alternate limbs. In addition, the Bex is also able to lower itself and then transport itself on wheels. The programme’s lead engineer Masayuki Soube believes that this would would provide a short-term solution to the balance issues faced by robots.


Kawasaki’s robots of the future

In the demonstration below, you can see a rider atop the robot. The Bex can be controlled through handlebars. On its website, Kaleido claims that the Bex can handle 99 kgs (220 pounds).

 The upper part of Bex is entirely modular, implying its customisable capabilities that can be tweaked as needed based on requirements – be it warehouses or factories.

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In addition to this goat-shaped robot, Kawasaki also introduced a humanoid robot at the event in Tokyo. The robot, as shown below, mimics the behaviour of humans and may be used in basically anything from factory work to disaster relief.

 This one is kind of similar to Optimus, the humanoid robot developed by Tesla. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that “physical work will be a choice” in the future when robots become mainstream.

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