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From Unconsciousness To Wealth: British Man's Coma Ends With Belief That He's A Millionaire

It may sound strange, but a resident of Scotland’s Ayrshire County recently awoke from a two-week coma with an unusual kind of hallucination. Here’s his story.

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Man wakes from coma thinking he is a millionaire 

British Man Arises From Coma Thinking He Is Millionaire

Mark Gibbs woke up believing he had won an astounding Rs 52 lakh and met billionaires and celebrities, but his reality had taken a bizarre turn.

Gibbs’ story has already gone viral, drawing broad attention as he strives to educate others about the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. 

When Mark was discovered asleep at his home in April 2023, the episode began. Doctors diagnosed him with significant liver and kidney damage caused by heavy alcohol and drug consumption after he was brought to the hospital. He later went into a coma and was critically ill for two weeks.

When Mark regained consciousness, he began to have vivid illusions, convinced that he had become enormously wealthy. In his hallucinations, industrialists, billionaires, and powerful persons were all close friends who wanted to see him in person. 

Man was sad to discover that his money and celebrity interactions were merely illusions


Mark likewise imagined himself to be extremely wealthy and living a life of luxury.

Mark eagerly told his family about his newfound income and high-profile connections, eager to share his apparent good fortune. 

The reality was soon disclosed, and the family was left stunned after experiencing their loved one’s unpleasant consequences of the hallucinations.

In a media interview about his experience, Mark voiced his sadness at discovering that his money and celebrity interactions were merely illusions. 

According to The Scottish Sun, he is now urging people to exercise caution and abstain from drinking and drugs in order to avoid similar situations and potentially life-altering effects. 

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