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Upset Over Her Daughter-In-Law Keeping Distance, Woman Hugs Her Out Of Spite & Infects Her

It’s terrible to see that something as innocuous as a hug could be used to bring someone harm. In a recent incident from Somaripeta village in Telangana, a Covid-19 positive woman, apparently upset that her daughter was keeping distance, forced her into a hug eventually infecting her too.

According to TOI, the daughter-in-law was thrown out of the house after she tested positive. Her sister then took her home with her to Thimmapur village in Rajanna Sircilla district.

Covid-19 positive woman infects daughter-in-law after forcing her into a  hug
Representational image/Reuters

The woman reportedly complained to revenue department officials during a video interview saying, “My mother-in-law hugged me saying that I should also get infected with Covid-19.’

“She was upset that I was maintaining distance from her after she had tested positive,” she added.

Covid positive woman hugs and infects daughter-in-law

The daughter-in-law, in her twenties, had apparently even told her kids to keep their distance from their grandmother. These developments irked the older woman who asked “Do all of you want to live happily when I die?” Right after making this statement, she dove in for a hug with the clear intention of infecting her daughter-in-law.

Woman hugs daughter-in-law so she would get covid

The 20-something mother of two is currently in isolation at her sister’s house. The official had earlier advised her that could file a complaint against her mother-in-law if she so wished, and that they’d tell her about the steps she’d have to follow.

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