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Mother Breaks Down After Diapers Fly Off The Shelves During COVID-19 Panic Buying

Ever since the sudden spike in cases of coronavirus, it’s been hard to miss pictures and videos of empty supermarket shelves and people with trolleys full of essential commodities like toilet rolls, hand sanitisers and food. 


What’s worse is to see people bickering over the last pack of food or other essential items. Despite authorities warning people against this selfish trend of hoarding goods, many are still queuing down the aisle, arms laden with items.

Amid this trend of hoarding, one mother literally broke down on social media after she couldn’t find diapers for her baby. 

Lauren went to Walmart to buy diapers for her daughter and broke into tears after she found out that the size she needed was sold out. She took to TikTok to share her grievance and called out people for stocking up essentials and depriving others of the same.

After a flood of overwhelming support, Whitney posted a another video where she said,

“I just wanted to post that video to bring awareness to the fact that people that are, you know, going out and panic-buying are causing problems for those of us that can’t afford to go and do that.”

During this crisis, hoarding toilet papers and stockpiling hand sanitisers will not help anything but hurt those who are vulnerable and are in dire need. It’s important to be mindful and informed about the situation than going on a panic buying rampage. 

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