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Porcupine Parents Turn Into Bodyguards To Save Their Children From A Leopard Attack

Parents are all alike. They work hard not only to provide for their kids but also to protect them from any external troubles. Something of the sort was captured in a video posted by IAS Supriya Sahu on Twitter.

Porcupine Parents Save Their Children From Leopard Attack

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Video Of Porcupines Saving Their Children From Leopard Goes Viral

The video has quickly caught the attention of many users online. In the clip, a pair of porcupine parents are seen protecting their offspring from a leopard, who ferociously tries to snatch away the kids. 

The porcupines block the leopard with their quills, moving around with the leopard to shelter the porcupettes. The two porcupines surround their offspring and create a partition between them and the hungry leopard. The video ends in the middle of their showdown, making it hard to know whether the porcupines were able to save their kids or not.

The IAS officer shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Porcupine parents provide Z class security to their baby from a leopard, fighting valiantly & thwarting all attempts of the leopard to even touch their baby. Most incredible. By the way, a baby porcupine is called ‘porcupette’.”

Check out the viral video below:

Many On The Internet Were Upset That The Video Did Not Show The Result Of The Face-Off

Porcupine Parents Save Their Children From Leopard Attack

People online were amused by the video, which garnered nearly 400K views on the platform. One user mentioned how even though the video ended without showing what happened at the end, to him it looked like the leopard got the best of the situation, “The video ends. But going by the tenacity of the leopard he has not given up and he would have ultimately succeeded in pulling away his target.”  

Another user was simply curious about the conclusion of the face-off between the porcupine parents and the leopard, asking, “What happened?!?!?!?!?”  

One user adored the porcupine babies, saying, “Omg ! What an obedient and intuitive prorcupette.”  

Another was impressed by the little baby porcupines, “I can’t help appreciating the babies who are dutifully following their parents and not trying to be extra smart.”

A third was amused by the video of the wild animals fighting and said, “Amazing video.”  

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