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Pakistan's 'Science Minister' Mixes Up Solar Eclipse With Lunar Eclipse, Adds To List Of Gaffes

It’s only natural for people to assume that a Science Minister must have – at least – basic knowledge of the subject, especially something as common as the different kinds of eclipses

Pakistan Science Minister

But this was not the case with Pakistan’s Science and Technology Minister, Chaudhary Fawad Hussain, who has turned into the butt of all jokes on social media after one of his tweets went viral and was brutally trolled. 

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Hussain shared a document containing information about eclipses – about what they are and how many were expected this year.


However,  he made a mistake within the tweet itself and called a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse. Hussain’s tweet quickly went viral on social media, with a number of people highlighting the error and even making memes of it.

“It was a solar eclipse, but you are obsessed with the moon,” stated a user.

“The ignorant minister for science that he doesn’t know the difference between solar and lunar eclipse,” said another.







Just a few months ago, he had come under fire for calling India “Endia” in a tweet. The minister has had a reputation of being a motormouth and making serious mistakes in his tweets. 

Last year, he sparked fury among people after he mocked the setback ISRO faced with respect to Chandrayaan-2. Many pointed out that it was unbecoming of a science minister to make such insensitive jokes. During ICC World Cup 2019, he had tweeted an offensive joke after Afghanistan beat Pakistan by three wickets in a World Cup warm-up match.

For the first time in 19 years, the ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse and the longest day of summer – the summer solistice – took place within the same 24 hours. The last time this phenomenon occurred was June 2001. 

Solar Eclipse 2020
Ring Of Fire 2020/Image For Representation

On June 21, 2020, the solar eclipse was visible across swaths of Africa and Asia, but not in the United States. 

A solar eclipse happens when the moon is the furthest in its orbit around the Earth, and appears to be slightly smaller in the sky than usual. For that reason, when it aligns in front of the sun, it is not completely blocking out the sun’s light. Instead, it creates a so-called “ring of fire” or “annulus” around the dark sphere of the Moon. 

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