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This Elderly Couple Travels Across India On A Bullet With Sidecar & Their Journey Is Inspiring

We all probably have a bucket list – mainly a list of travel goals that we want to achieve. While most of us crib about different things that don’t work in our favour to realise those goals, some people always find a way. 

However, an elderly couple is showing us how it can be done. In a heartwarming post shared by Humans of Bombay, a Vadodara man details how he and his wife have travelled across India on their Bullet with a sidecar. And that, they have had quite an adventure. 

The couple’s journey of a lifetime began with a pitfall. Mohanlal Chauhan, suffered a heart attack in 2011. To add to the worries, his wife, Leelaben, also fractured her leg. The doctor advised him not to ride his bike, but once he felt better, he decided to hit the road. “I thought, ‘I’m not going to spend the rest of my life like an old man,’ I was just 67! I started off slow–I took out my 1974 bullet and started driving to nearby cities,” he said, according to the post.  

While he was loving every inch of the experience, he used to miss his wife. “She was on a wheelchair, so she could no longer sit behind me on the Bullet like she used to,” he mentioned further. “So, it struck me, ‘If I fix the bullet with a sidecar, Leela could travel comfortably!’” he added.

Elderly Vadodara Couple
Facebook/Humans of Bombay

In 2016, after having the sidecar attached, the couple embarked on their first trip together. Starting from Vadodara in Gujarat, the couple went through Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  

“And simply holding Leela’s hands whilst watching the sunset made life seem worth it. Dekhte hi dekhte 75 din ho gaye–when we returned back to Vadodara, we were already planning our next trip!” he said.  

Elderly Vadodara Couple
Facebook/Humans of Bombay

They have since travelled to many places and made memories for a lifetime.  The post also details how the couple managed their funds through the trips and their experiences of meeting different people and seeing new places.

What an extraordinary tale.

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