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Twitter Abuzz As Pakistani Actor Accuses Bollywood Khan Of Insecurity Towards Pakistani Talent

In a recent clip circulating on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Pakistani actor and TV presenter Nadia Khan stirred controversy by alleging that top Bollywood actors, including the iconic Khans Aamir Shah Rukh and Salman, are insecure about Pakistani talent. 

X Abuzz As Pakistani Actor Accuses Bollywood Khans Of “Insecurity”

The snippet, extracted from an episode of “Kya Drama Hai Uncut Version,” features Nadia making bold claims about Indian celebrities, sparking a flurry of reactions online.

In her remarks delivered in Urdu, Khan asserted, “Following their appearances in Bollywood films, Pakistani celebrities like Fawad Khan garnered immense popularity in India, prompting insecurity among some of Bollywood’s leading actors. This insecurity led to the creation of political tensions between the two countries and resulted in the banishment of Pakistani artists from the Indian entertainment industry following the Uri attack.”

Nadia Khan further emphasised, “It wasn’t solely the Indian politicians who expressed discontent; even the top actors in Bollywood were apprehensive. It wasn’t just about losing film opportunities; it was also about the growing admiration of Pakistani talent among the Indian audience. The fear of our actors’ rising prominence led to their banishment from Bollywood. Recent successes of actors like Wahaj and Bilal [presumably referring to Wahaj Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan] have only reinforced this phenomenon. These stars have become viral sensations in India, causing apprehension among the Khans—Aamir, Shah Rukh, and Salman—about their own standing in the industry.”

The clip swiftly sparked a spectrum of reactions on social media, with users expressing disbelief, amusement, and even agreement with Khan’s assertions. While some dismissed her claims as delusional, others found merit in her observations, citing instances of perceived insecurity among top Bollywood stars in the face of Pakistani talent.

Here Is what The Fans On X Said: 

One of the X users said, “Forget About King Khan Even Bhauna Aamir & Selmon Bhai is Bigger Than Paxtaan.”

Another wrote: “lmao Khans doesn’t even know about existence of their drama artists.”

One even wrote, “Khans net worth >>> Pakistan’s GDP”

Twitter Abuzz As Pakistani Actor Accuses Aamir Khan, SRK & Salman Khan Of Insecurity Towards Pakistani Talent
Screenshots From X

The controversy reignited discussions surrounding the ban imposed on Pakistani artists in Bollywood, which ensued after the Uri attack in 2016 and was reinforced following the Pulwama terror incident in 2019. The All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) had enforced a blanket ban on Pakistani artists, urging all film industries to sever ties with Pakistani talent amidst escalating tensions between the two nations.

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