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Ukraine War: Tennis Player And Boxer Sign Up To Fight Russia

Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky hopes he may never need to fire the gun he has been given after he signed up to defend...


Cillian Murphy Reads Bhagavat Gita During Sex Scene, Drunk Men Harass Uorfi Javed And More From Ent

1. Cillian Murphy Reads Bhagavad Gita During Sex Scene In Oppenheimer; Desi Fans React In Outrage Christopher Nolan’s most-anticipated film Oppenheimer was released in theatres worldwide...

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Man From Mangaluru Ties Collars Around Stray Dogs Necks To Save From Being Hit By Cars On Roads

You see different kinds of people on the road - ones who are focused on the road while driving so that they safely reach...

Surprise! Huge Shark Scares The Daylights Out Of Fishing Party, Jumps Onto Boat Out Of Nowhere!

A heart-stopping video is going viral showing a mako shark leaping out of water and landing on a fishing boat off the coast of...

Cow Causes Traffic Jam on Busy Highway In The US

A cow wasn't messing about as it caused traffic chaos on Georgia interstate in the US that led to three lanes on the highway...

Why Did Lucy Letby, A UK Nurse, Murder Babies? Investigation Points Out 'Evil' Motive

Lucy Letby, a 33-year-old nurse in the UK has been convicted of murdering seven newborns and attempting to kill another six, making her the...

Market Won't Crash To Zero, Says 'Crypto Robinhood' Despite $5 Billion Loss

It’s been a brutal week for the global cryptocurrency market. In the past 24 hours, more than $200 billion of wealth has reportedly been...


Google Employees Demand ‘Psychological Safety’ From Bosses After Mass Layoffs

Employees at Google who were spared the recent mass layoff of 12,000 questioned management during a tense all-hands meeting on Monday, anxiously requesting assurances...

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