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Why this public apathy towards Pinki?


Pinki Pramanik’s recent allegations of atrocities on her in police custody have brought to the fore the murky Indian way of dealing with the ‘accused’. We have heard of third degree treatment meted out to those in police lock-ups, but treating a sportswoman, who has won laurels for the country, like an animal, is completely unacceptable.

She says her hands and legs were tied and the gender determination test was forcibly conducted on her. If this is true, the culprits should be brought to books immediately.

Pinki is accused of being a male by her live-in partner, a 30-year-old estranged woman who also alleged that she was raped by the former. Isn’t what the police did to her almost next to rape?

Besides this, the way the whole case is being handled stumps us. The media is silent and the police have already branded her a rapist. Thankfully, people from her fraternity, Bhaichung Bhutia and other sportspersons, have demanded justice for her.

Sadly, there isn’t a slightest amount of public empathy towards the athlete.  The judge who granted bail to Pinki virtually exonerated the Asiad gold medallist by saying that preliminary medical reports make it clear Pinki is “not capable of committing rape“. Can the common man please stand up in her support NOW?

We really don’t know her gender nor are we going to comment on it, but this is hard to digest that she has represented our country on so many occasions yet such a thing went unnoticed. How come? Will the sports association accept any responsibility for the lapse, if any? Or back Pinki, at least…


Exclusive Interview of Pinki Pramanik with TOI: ‘I was humiliated and treated like an animal’

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