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Williams Sets 3-Point Record in Nets Win

NEW YORK: Deron Williams scored 42 points and set an NBA record by making nine 3-point shots in the first half to lead the...

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Man Arrested For Starting Wildfires Using Molotov Cocktail Starts 6 More After Being Released!

Many places in the U.S are struggling because of ongoing wildfires that have destroyed large areas of land and people’s homes. Police in Portland arrested...

How An Angry Sudha Murty's Letter To JRD Tata Made Him Realise His Mistake

72-year-old Sudha Murty, who is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a proud recipient of Padma Bhushan, recently opened up about a letter she...

These 14 Pictures Show How Sumo Wrestlers Are Initiated Into The Sport As Early As Possible

This is the next generation of sumo wrestlers, who are still in elementary school and they are competing in the the Wanpaku tournament. 1. This one...

Fishermen Poke Royal Bengal Tiger With A Stick In Sunderban River & Then We Ask Why They Attack

Every now and then there is a story of a wild animal attacking humans, invading their territory or being involved in some sort of...

Ghimob Trojan Affects 153 Android Apps, Can Make Fraud Bank Transactions

Cyber security experts have discovered a new Android banking trojan which is able to steal data from a total of 153 Android applications. Named...


Govt Wants Smartphone Makers To Add India-Made 'NavIC' Navigation Before Jan 2023

India wants tech giants to develop smartphones that work with the country's home-grown navigation system 'NavIC' within months to come, a Reuters report has...

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