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Beer to flow during 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil

Brasilia: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday signed into law a measure approving beer sales during 2014 Soccer World Cup (SWC) matches, after pressure from football’s world governing body FIFA.

Beer to flow during 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil

The bill was passed by the Brazil senate last month , after international football authorities retracted from an alcohol prohibition in Brazil’s sports arenas that has been in force since 2003.Lawmakers in May passed a package of measures, demanded by FIFA, that include selling beer in plastic cups, despite concern from some lawmakers that allowing alcohol consumption could lead to rowdiness at the events.The announcement that the measure is now law was published in Brazil’s official journal, News24 reports.Its passage ends a long and strident battle between world football authorities and the Brazil government, which is eager to prevent hooliganism and violence as it hosts the sport’s most celebrated event.There were dire warnings that Brazil would regret the decision to allow beer to flow during the World Cup during the debate over approving the measure, but FIFA will still have to negotiate permission for beer sales separately with the individual Brazilian states concerned.

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