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Mischo Erban sets skateboarding world record

London: Adrenaline junkie Mischo Erban set a new world record as the fastest skateboarder ever by racing at 80.56mph.

World's fastest skateboarding record set at 80.56mph

Erban, 28, hurtled down an 18-degree street in Quebec, Canada, to pick up enough pace and smashed the previous best by 10.5mph, the Sun reported.The daring 28-year-old Czech selected the Les Eboulements stretch of road, which translates as The Landslide, after seeing lugers whiz down it.And his decision proved perfect after an official clocked his speed at 80.56pmh during his descent.Speed fan Erban, who wore a helmet cam to capture the rattling ride, is a professional downhill skateboarder and is world champion of his sport.”When I sped off I got into an aerodynamic shape and just focussed on the yellow line in the middle of the road,” he said after setting the record last week. ANI

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