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Olympics medal in tennis? Forget it!

This time around, the preparation for the London Olympics was truly on track, and the medal hopes were very much alive, till Friday. But in a sudden turn of events, the tennis team selection fiasco has seriously dented the sprit of sporting enthusiasts, wondering – if expecting a medal, from the greatest tennis icons of this country, was asking for too much.Sportspersons are admired by one and all and they are regarded as true national heros. However, in the entire mudslinging exercise the national pride and the sports men sprit has take a back seat. That is probably because some where in the back of their mind they know that even if they don’t play at the Olympics for their country, it won’t diminish them financially, as there is no dearth of sponsors and public memory is short.In fact, the way the entire episode unfolded, has exposed the bitter truth about Indian tennis as well.Firstly, with such big egos, India stands no chance of winning a medal in the Olympics. Leander Paes can pick a player of his choice (if Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna continue their anti-Paes stand) however, it will be extremely difficult for him to match the best in London. On the other hand if Bhupathi is forced to play with Leander, the bonding and the trust between the duo will be missing.Secondly, the indiscipline in Indian tennis is quite alarming. The earlier tiff between the two was also in full public glair. Further, the way both the camps went public post selection, reveals utter lawlessness in Indian tennis federation.__POLL__23__Thirdly, the Olympics have always been a ‘country before self ‘ event. However, the growing ‘I, me and myself’ culture in Indian tennis has turned the Indian participation, in the biggest sporting event, into a big joke.And lastly, it’s not just the players who are to be blamed. Why did the tennis authorities adamantly pair Bhupathi and Paes as a team to London 2012? Why did they not respect the written request by Bhupathi, to be paired with Rohan Bopanna? If Bhupathi is allowed to pair with Bopanna, India could have had two men’s doubles team in the mega event? Surely, going by the turn of events, there is something more than what meets the eye?Whatever may be the reason or circumstances, the episode has left Indian tennis fans stunned and the players have lost their aura. Most importantly, the Indian London 2012 dream have suffered a setback, much before the game begins.

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