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The Great Indian Tamasha

The Timeline of the big tennis fiasco…

Mahesh Bhupathi refuses to partner Paes     15 June 2012Paes a back-stabber & liar: Bhupathi         16 June 2012Rohan Bopanna snubs Paes                   17 June 2012Paes refuses to play with ‘rookie’ Yuki Bhambri          19 June 2012Yuki hits out at Paes for calling him ‘inexperienced’     20 June 2012Paes threatens to quit if Bhupathi, Bopanna paired      21 June 2012Two teams picked, Paes paired with Vishnu Vardhan   21 June 2012Paes upset, threatens to quit Olympics team            21 June 2012AITA rushes to London to pacify Paes                     22 June 2012India ashamed                                                                FOREVER 


The drama that unfolded over the past seven days has ruined Indian tennis’ face for generations to come.  Two senior players’ ego clashes, Tennis Association’s adamant nature & autocratic decisions, Sports Ministry’s flip-flop on the issue, and the lower rank-higher rank war culminated in what could be called the darkest era of Indian tennis. Who has to be blamed for the fiasco? Bhupathi & Bopanna for sidelining Paes? No, because they have been training together for long for the mega event. However, If Bhupathi and Bopanna feel by holding the country and the association to ransom they have done justice, let me tell you, even if they get us the medal in July, none of the tennis fans from India would welcome them the way they would have had this private spat wasn’t made public.AITA? Probably yes, because the decision by the duo was clearly communicated to them well in advance, so it was in the best interest of the country and the association to pay heed to what the players wanted, and in the process could have avoided the mess.

If the AITA thinks that by sending two teams they have pacified Paes and have raised the hopes of a medal in London, well they are horribly wrong. Vishnu is not a seasoned player. In the absence of a chemistry, none of them will be able to face world class opposition in London. Paes? Yes. There has to be something wrong with his conduct that neither of the country’s best players wants to pair with him. Why was he so adamant of playing with them still? Doubles game is all about partnership & if your ‘partner’ literally hates you, how can you still insist on playing with him for a medal? He had the best chance to garner sympathy, promote young talent, and by getting a medal in London, prove that he was a better player. But no, even he decided to play this dirty politics actively & openly.Mahesh & Sania have recently won the mixed doubles title at the French Open. Their prospect of winning a medal is very high, but with AITA’s blunder of paring her with Paes, even that hope is shattered now.

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