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Top 7: Hottest Olympians at London Games

1. Xue Chen (China)

London Olympics’ sexiest men and women…

Xue Chen (China)

23-year-old Chen is ranked third in CNN International’s list of Asia’s 30 Sexiest Athletes. Xue and Zhang Xi won the bronze medal in women’s beach volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics.


2. Jessica Ennis (Great Britain)

Jessica Ennis (Great Britain)

26-year-old Ennis is the current British national record holder for the heptathlon, the indoor pentathlon, the high jump and the 100 metre hurdles. She has won the gold medal in the heptathlon at the 2012 London Olympics.


3. Melanie Adams (Australia)

Melanie Adams (Australia)

Melanie Adams has been pole vaulting since she was 11 and has won two under-age titles. The 21-year-old has aspirations to be one of the Miss Universe contestants.


4. Antonija Misura (Croatia)

Antonija Misura (Croatia)

24-year-old Misura won bronze medal at the 2009 Mediterranean Games. The stunning basketball player has been turning heads at the Olympic Games and is fast becoming one of the most searched for Olympic competitors on the Internet.


5. Miwa Asao (Japan)

Miwa Asao (Japan)

26-year-old beach volleyball player is often referred to as the “pixie of beach volleyball” or “pixie of the beach” for her good looks.


6. James Magnussen (Australia)

James Magnussen (Australia)

The 21-year-old is the current 100-metre freestyle world champion. At London Olympics, in the 100-metre freestyle finals, he came in second by one-hundredth of a second to American swimmer Nathan Adrian, winning the silver medal.


7. Aldo Montano (Italy)

Aldo Montano (Italy)

33-year-old world champion in fencing, Aldo is a four-time Olympic medallist. In 2004, he won gold in sabre individual and silver in the team event. In 2008 and 2012, he has won silver in team events.

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