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Webber and Vettel may move to Ferrari?

Maranello: Red Bull teammates Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are contemplating moving to Italian Formula One camp Ferrari, it has emerged.

Webber and Vettel may move to Ferrari?

A fresh wave of speculation has arisen, which claims that Vettel has signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari.Speculation is rife also that reigning World Champion Vettel has committed to leaving Red Bull for Ferrari if the Italian team can maintain competiveness.”Insiders are adamant that the German has signed an option with Ferrari for 2014, subject to competitive form from the Prancing Horse stable for the rest of 2012,” Fox Sports quoted UK paper The Independent, as reporting.The claims suggest that any such agreement would result in Webber also leaving Red Bull for Ferrari, albeit a year in advance and for a single season.”It is not known whether the Vettel option is binding on either side, but if there is a one-year Ferrari vacancy for 2013, it strengthens the case for Webber being the man to fill it,” the paper declared.The report cited that Fernando Alonso”s Ferrari contract running until 2016, there would be a Ferrari vacancy for only one year, should it choose to replace Felipe Massa.The speculation could also have a dramatic bearing on the future of Lewis Hamilton, whose current contract with McLaren expires at the end of this season.Although it is still expected that Hamilton will stay with the team that he has driven for throughout his motor-racing career, the paper noted that, were Webber to join Alonso at Ferrari, it would “open the way for Hamilton to jump into the Adrian Newey-designed car that he is said to crave.”

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