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Dark Mode On WhatsApp Is Finally Here, And Here’s How You Can Get It On Your Phone

WhatsApp has to be one of the most popular texting apps there is, especially in India. With over 400 million active users just in India and over five billion downloads since it’s launch — it surely is something. 


 And WhatsApp has been dominating the messaging apps market by bringing new and interesting features to keep the crowd entertained and productive. From voice calling to stickers, it had it all.   

Recently, with the rise of dark modes on apps, many wanted WhatsApp to join this bandwagon, and it has been in testing since quite some time. And the feature is finally out, sort of. WhatsApp has started rolling out its version of the ‘Dark Mode’ to beta users on Android on app version 2.20.13. The update isn’t hitting iOS or regular users yet, but it could soon do so.

How to enable dark mode on WhatsApp

I was a part of the beta and was lucky enough to get the update. In case you were a beta user too and wanted to get this, check out the app updates section on the Google Play Store.

In case you were on Android and couldn’t wait to try this out, you could sign up to be a beta tester here and once done, just update your app, and you’ll get dark mode on WhatsApp. 

Once updated, open the app and head to WhatsApp settings. Under settings head to Chat. Here you’ll notice a new option dubbed ‘Theme’ where you can select Dark or Light theme — depending on your preference. 

Even though there is a third option dubbed ‘System Preference’ that would switch the theme depending on the theme of the device (whether it’s Dark’ or ‘Light’ theme)

The stock wallpaper has got a darker-blue trim as opposed to a beige-white-ish aesthetic that looks good. The bright message tabs have also darkened to go in sync with the entire theme.

Looks like iOS users might have to wait a while longer to get this feature #FOMO.

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