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No Curious Minds Allowed! China Schools Impose Bizarre 'Don't Look Up' Rule On Students

Asian schools are known for their unruly methods of getting children to study. From South Korea’s night self-learning classes to Indian students getting roped into a culture of getting tutors outside school, Asia is infamous for being rather harsh on its children.

However, recent news from mainland China is shocking even the strictest of schools throughout the continent. Secondary schools in China have started to impose a new rule to improve the performance of students and increase their college acceptance rates.

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Chinese Schools Impose Insane ‘Don’t Look Up’ Rule

China Schools Impose Dont Look Up Rule In Class

The “Don’t look up” rule is a behavioural measure introduced in Chinese schools. It counts how many students raise their heads in class when unexpected noises occur to measure their concentration levels.

In a conversation with Meiri Renwu, a secondary school student from northern China’s Hebei province, Wang Yimei revealed that the imposition of the rule had been accompanied by harsh punishment for anyone who shot up their school’s heads-up rate.

The student shockingly claimed, “If you’re caught looking up, it’s considered a violation of rules. Once caught, you have to stand as a punishment for the entire day. From 8 am until 10 pm.”

Some Teachers Make Deliberate Noises To Test Students

China Schools Impose Dont Look Up Rule In Class

Not only this, some teachers go as far as making deliberate noises to test students concentration during class. They knock on doors and make deliberate distractions to test the students and their determination. As the rule goes, those caught raising their heads during any such drill would get punished.

The rapid expansion of such barbaric and insane measures to increase a student’s academic outcome has raised concern in the country. One student questioned the rule on an online platform. The unidentified student raised concerns about how the heads-up tracking was potentially dangerous to growing minds as it contradicts spontaneous human reflexes. For instance, our heads would turn involuntarily in the case of a sound or movement around us, as part of our natural animal instincts.

In the post, they wrote, “We are conditioned as humans to look up reflexively. However, I tell myself not to look up when I hear such noises. Even if the school is collapsing, don’t raise your head.”

Tell us what you think about this bizarre rule in the comments below.

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