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Plane Or Car? Ford Focus Driver Fined For Driving At 703 Km/h In 70 Km/h Zone!

Absurd traffic fines due to some or the other error are not unseen. Nothing, however, beats the traffic fine that an Italian driver has been slapped with recently – a fine of €863.60 (~Rs 73,233) for allegedly driving more than ten times the speed limit.

A speed of 703 kmph, in a Ford Focus. Who needs a supercar? Or a plane for that matter.

The record-breaking speed of the hatchback was clocked in the province of Ancano. The local authorities issued the fine to the woman driver for hitting the impossible speed in a 70 kmph zone. 

Italy Fine, Ford Focus, Over speeding fine, Absurd Traffic Fines, Italy News, Auto News
(Representative Image: Ford)

Needless to point out, the car was not really running at the mentioned speed. The fine was generated due to an error yet undisclosed. For reference, the base model Focus can hit a top speed of 210 kmph.

Giovanni Strologo of the Comitato per il rispetto del Codice della Strada (roughly translating to ‘highways compliance committee’) posted a photo of the traffic fine. Strologo criticised the local police for not cross checking the details of the ridiculous infraction before issuing it to the motorist.

The image was posted by Strologo on Facebook, joking for the driver to be a madman. In his post, Strologo pointed out that not even a missile could hit those speeds. “The municipal police command has a responsibility to check the reports they ship,” he said.

Italy Fine, Ford Focus, Over speeding fine, Absurd Traffic Fines, Italy News, Auto News
Giovanni Strologo/ Facebook

In addition to the traffic fine, the local police also handed 10 demerit points to the driver for reaching the uncanny speeds.

This is not the first time that absurd traffic fines have gained the headlines. In another bizarre incident, traffic cops in Uttar Pradesh issued a challan to a man for not wearing a helmet while driving a car. The matter came to notice when the man received an e-challan on his mobile phone for not wearing a helmet while driving the four-wheeler.

A similar incident in Ghaziabad saw a man being challaned 15 times within a month, while his car was parked right at home. You can read all about it here.

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