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Here Goes IndiGo Again: Smoke Fills Inside Aircraft, Passengers Evacuate By Emergency Door

IndiGo faced yet another glitch on December 11, 2018, during a flight from Jaipur to Kolkata with 136 people onboard.

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A video is doing rounds on the internet that shows thick smoke in the cabin of 6E-237 as it approached its destination and another video shows some passengers evacuating the airlines through the emergency doors after the plane landed safely in Kolkata.

According to the reports, the plane was 45 miles away from Kolkata when the pilots made a ‘mayday’call on the radio, indicating that the aircraft and passengers on board were in danger and smoke was detected in the cockpit, cabin and lavatory.

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While IndiGo said it was an emergency landing, the officials said that there was ‘suspected smoke in the cabin’ which somehow contradicted the video which clearly shows the presence of smoke inside the aircraft.

A similar incident happened in 1998, where all 229 passengers and crew members onboard the Swissair MD-11 were killed off the coast of Canada after the pilots first observed the smoke coming from the air conditioning vent in the aircraft.

The IndiGo flight involved in the incident stays grounded at the moment with airline maintenance staff trying to understand what caused the smoke onboard.

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