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People On The Internet Side With IndiGo Crewmate Who Gave It Back To A Rude Passenger Mid-flight!

Flying long-distance comes with its costs. The travel is equally hard on the plane crew and passengers as proven by this recent video that purportedly shows an IndiGo crew member giving it back to an extremely rude passenger. The video of the eye-opening incident, recorded by a fellow passenger, has gone viral.

IndiGo Crew Yells Back At Rude Passenger In Viral Video

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IndiGo Crewmate Gives It Back To A Rude Passenger Mid-flight!

Twitter user Er. Gurpreet Singh Hans posted the now-deleted video on his account. He was also on the flight headed back to Delhi from Istanbul. 

In the video that journalist Tarun Shukla later reposted, a female crewmate is seen giving it back to a rude male passenger who did not hold back his remarks when the facilities on the IndiGo flight were not up to the mark in his opinion.

In the video, the crewmate can be seen trying to make the angry passenger understand that he can only have the food he specified on his flight ticket. However, the passenger in the video seems reluctant to understand the crew member’s instructions. 

The female employee soon loses her calm and starts matching the passenger’s tone. At this point, the unnamed passenger feels wronged and starts yelling at the top of his voice, even going as far as calling the crewmate a “servant.” This is when he crosses the line and the crew fights back by saying, “I am an employee, not your servant.” 

Check out the viral video below:

People Online Were Largely Supportive Of The Crewmate

IndiGo Crew Yells Back At Rude Passenger In Viral Video

Shukla informed that on contacting IndiGo they had given the following statement, “We are aware of the incident that took place on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16, 2022. The issue was related to meals chosen by certain passengers traveling via a codeshare connection.” The statement continued, “IndiGo is cognizant of the needs of its customers and it is our constant endeavor to provide a courteous and hassle-free experience to our customers. We are looking into the incident and would like to assure that customers’ comfort has always been our top priority.”

A user tried to raise their voice against the crewmate online and wrote, “Actually customer is king is the principle to be followed.The flight attendant should not have lost her temper like this. Indigo has to be careful while selecting the their cabin crew.” Folks online quickly humbled the user, “customer is king , but not a god .. Indian passengers generally tend to mistreat Air hostess often .. taking them for granted and treating them like servants.”

Another commenter supported the crewmate, “I AM AN EMPLOYEE AND I AM NOT YOUR SERVANT. This line should be the line of the year by an employee. Give this lady an award @IndiGo6E. The increase in competition is giving customers feel that they owe us. Sorry but you dont. Period. Enough is enough.”

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