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The Internet Is In Splits As Lionel Messi Ignores Salt Bae After World Cup Victory

The 2022 FIFA World Cup was an incredible tournament. The final match between Argentina and France on December 18 shook the entire football world. The two teams gave their best shot to win the golden trophy this time around, but Lionel Messi was the one who got to savour victory in the end as Argentina won the World Cup.

Lionel Messi Ignores Salt Bae Video

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Video Of Lionel Messi Ignoring Salt Bae Goes Viral

Immediately after winning the championship, many videos and clips of Messi were going around as he celebrated his legendary victory. Among the many videos was a clip of the famous chef Salt Bae, who was trying to snatch a selfie while Messi was quite clearly avoiding the man.

For those unfamiliar, Salt Bae is a chef and restaurant owner who rose to fame on the internet with his unique style of salting his dishes.

In the video, it is evident that Messi is trying to ignore the chef’s request for a selfie as the player tries to enjoy his long-awaited win.

At first, Salt Bae gets a hold of Messi’s hand and tries to talk to him, but the player shrugs him off and gives his attention to the others around him. However, Salt Bae does not let go of the GOAT’s hand and nudges him to face a camera. Messi looked displeased by the gesture in the clip.

Check out the video below:

People Online Were Furious With The Celebrity Chef For Haranguing Lionel Messi For A Click 

Lionel Messi Ignores Salt Bae Video

People on the internet were, of course, pissed at the celebrity chef for forcing Messi to interrupt his celebration for a few clicks. A user wrote, “Salt Bae harassing the GOAT for clout at the most important moment in his life. Look at Messi’s face.” Another fellow blamed FIFA for the moment: “Embarrassing for FIFA as Salt Bae, best known for, uh, putting salt on steak and overcharging people, harasses Messi at the World Cup conclusion.”  

Folks noted how the chef tried to get a few clicks for clout on the web: “Messi had no time for Salt Bae’s bandwagoning,” while another added, “He has absolutely no idea who he is, as most people don’t.” A very angry commenter went on a whole rant and wrote, “That charlatan has no business being there anyway. Total attention hound and an out of bounds sense of self-importance that he will have to dial back someday when he realizes he can’t keep up his gimmick anymore.” The fellow continued, “He’ll be found out one day. People of no substance usually are.” A user then simply noted, “He’s bad at taking a hint, he should stopped trying as soon as Messi shrugged him off the first time.”  

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