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Man Shows Impressive Results After Going Seven Years Without Shampoo

A man who has been conducting a personal experiment for several years has now released the long-awaited results. Watch the video to find out about the experiment and the results. 

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This man hasn’t used shampoo in 7 years

no shampoo for 7 years
Youtube Screengrab

The man, who goes by the YouTube handle Garden of Aidan, has shared with his 14.8k subscribers exactly what he was left with in terms of hair after seven years of not using shampoo. 

The incredible results have now stunned the internet, with many people in complete disbelief at the ultimate outcome. Watch it out.

The video, titled “7 years no shampoo results,” was first uploaded to YouTube in January of this year. “7 years without shampoo, how has it affected my scalp and hair?” reads the description. 

Aidan opens the three-minute video by telling viewers that he was finally going to “deliver the long overdue scalp update on the no-shampoo lifestyle.” “As of today, it’s been over six years without any shampoo usage,” he continued, “without any conditioner usage, and we’re just going to check out the scalp and hair health.” 

He then assembled a clip illustrating how his scalp used to look when he used anti-dandruff shampoo on a daily basis.

Man suffered from a swollen, itchy, and dry scalp

itchy scalp
YouTube Screengrab

His scalp was swollen and itchy, with dry, flaking areas all over. “As you can see, we had a pretty grotesque flake infestation on my scalp,” Aidan continued. 

“Of course, I had to fix that problem right away. And the answer I picked was to try not using shampoo at all.” That is precisely what he did. “I had good results,” said the YouTuber. When Aidan’s hair grew back after being shaved, it was ‘really healthier and better quality than it had been before’ when he used shampoo. 

“Now, since then, I haven’t gone back to shampoo at all, and it’s been over six years, as I said, and the hair quality hasn’t diminished,” he explained. 

He added, “In fact, I mean, I’m basking in the glory of this hair quality because I’ve got a pretty pristine scalp as well—no flakes, definitely.” Aidan’s current technique entails washing his hair ‘once a week’ with ‘cold water,’ which he admits ‘works great.’ 

Aidan informed anyone concerned about their hair becoming oily if they quit lathering: “That’s a problem that shampoo usage has actually created for itself in the first place. Because when you use shampoo, you strip away natural oils produced by your scalp called sebum, and then, to compensate, your scalp produces more sebum.”

“I definitely recommend giving this a try [and] persevering with it,” Aidan ended.

“I don’t know exactly how long it will take before the grease subsides, but it’s worth a try.”

Do you think you’ll give it a shot? 

What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments.

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