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Nurse Keeps Paralytic Patient In High Spirits, Makes Him Dance During Physiotherapy Session

For any patient, hospital stays are accompanied by stress and worry. But to the credit of doctors and nurses, the care provided during the treatment often mitigates that fear. 

A video is going viral on social media showing a nurse dancing to engage a paralytic patient in some physiotherapy exercises.

Nurse dances for physiotherapy session

In the video, a paralytic patient can be seen on the hospital bed while the nurse can be seen showing him dance steps. She cleverly makes the patient perform hand movements using the dance steps. 

Once the patient gets comfortable, the nurse helps him in doing the hand movement by joining both his hands. She claps for him as he happily does his exercises with music playing in the background. 

The one-minute-and-29-second video was posted on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. 

The caption shared alongside the video reads: “When patients recover, they thank all the doctors. But ‘thank you’ is a very small phrase for the loving treatment that nurses and other medical staff give.”

The video has gone viral, garnering over 22,000 views more than 3,000 retweets. People praised the nurse for her efforts. 

In a bizarre case that took place last year, a UK nurse filed a lawsuit against the National Health Service (NHS), as she claimed she had been hypnotized by the hospital and was, as a result, farting ‘against her will.’

Xandra Samson, a nurse at Ealing Hospital, London, claimed poor heating and ventilation at the acute medical unit altered her state of consciousness and allowed bosses to ‘control’ employees. 

At an employment tribunal, the former staff nurse said she was suffering from unwelcome ‘gastrointestinal disturbances’ at work including flatulence.  

She self-diagnosed herself as being the target of ‘ideomotor phenomenon’ – a little-known hypnotic concept that allegedly forces people to make movements unconsciously.  

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