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If You Can Spot All The Hidden Women In 9 Seconds In This Optical Illusion, You Are A Genius!

Optical illusions are visual depictions that trick our minds, causing us to perceive things differently from their true essence. Put simply, these occurrences happen when the data received by our brains from our eyes causes us to construe something that deviates from actual reality.

This captivating phenomenon is enabled through a mechanism known as “filling-in,” wherein the brain chooses particular elements of the visual data it receives from the eyes to highlight. As a result, the various layers of an image may be presented in varying ways based on the direction of this emphasis.


Physiological illusions can also lead individuals to perceive elements within an image that are not genuinely present. These illusions are accountable for the recurrence of identical images or patterns in such photographs.

These illusions not only affect a person’s intelligence but can also tell them about their habits and personalities. People use these illusions for various purposes, including using them to figure out an individual’s personality in tests.

Since optical illusions can be used in many different ways, many researchers have tried to study them more closely to learn how they affect how people see things. But even after a lot of time studying them, we still don’t know a lot about how these optical illusions work in the human brain.

Give this optical illusion puzzle a try and see if you can solve it like a genius!

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Find The Hidden Women

Optical Illusion IQ Test Find Hidden Women
Oleg Shupliak


If you were unable to find the hidden women, then do not worry; you are not alone. Here’s a hint to make the task a bit easier for you: the first woman is quite obvious to the naked eye, while the second might be a bit more tricky to find. If you focus on the woman’s palm, you’ll spot a tiny woman. 

To find the next woman, try to gauge the details of the sides of a woman’s face in the first woman’s left arm. The last woman is quite straightforward to find; all you have to do is take a step back and observe the image as a whole. 

If the hint barely helped, here’s a clearer view of the solution:

Optical Illusion IQ Test Find Hidden Women
Oleg Shupliak

Tell us whether you were successful in finding all the women or not in the comments below. 

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