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Optical Illusion: Spot The Hidden Faces In This Confusing Image & Test Your IQ

An optical illusion is a mind-bending representation of an object, artwork, or photograph that appears differently from different perspectives. Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are all examples of optical illusions. 

These visual illusions are often used in psychoanalysis since they provide information on your personality features. A typical human brain can see things or images differently depending on how they are viewed. 

One such excellent artwork is a viral optical illusion graphic that conceals images of seven people and a cat.

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Can you spot the 7 hidden people and the cat in this optical illusion? 

Optical Illusion: Spot The Hidden Faces In This Image

@darkseidy posted the above image on TikTok. The task is to identify seven individuals and a cat in the image, which will indicate whether or not your brain is in good working order. 

This visual illusion may be useful in determining your Intelligence Quotient. The more persons you spot, the higher your IQ level apparently.

If you were able to identify seven individuals and a cat, your brain is in “excellent condition.” If you were able to find six faces in the illusion, your brain is “in good shape.” If you can only find two or three, it suggests your mind “needs help.” 

Here’s the solution

This optical illusion image is just another entertaining method to put your IQ to the test. Taking a genuine IQ test, on the other hand, is a solid approach to determining your IQ level.

Examine the optical Illusion image carefully and identify the seven people and the cat.
Two people are in the image’s extreme top left corner, and one person is in the image’s centre top corner. 

There are four people besides the automobile, and the cat is at the bottom right of the shot.
Optical illusions constantly provide fascinating insights into how our brains function. 

Optical Illusion: Spot The Hidden Faces In This Confusing Image & Test Your IQ

Specific colour, light, and pattern combinations can fool our minds into seeing something that isn’t there. So, how many faces did you notice in this optical illusion? 

What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments.

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