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Try At Own Risk! This Optical Illusion Will 'Make Your Ceiling Move'

The human mind is quite funny. And when it comes to optical illusions, it plays with us way too often. Our brain makes us see or believe certain things that are not real. And we have just the right thing for you to test out this theory!

This mind-boggling optical illusion will definitely mess with your head. A TikTok user recently shared an interesting illusion that will trick your brain into thinking that the ceiling is moving. 

This mind-boggling illusion will definitely mess with your head.

Evan, who goes by @thecardguy on TikTok, is known for sharing magic tricks and illusion clips. 

Sharing the illusion, Evan claimed that looking at the illusion for a few seconds will make you feel that everything around you is moving. Already feeling dizzy? 

“I can make your ceiling look like it’s moving. I know it sounds weird but stare at the dot in the middle of your screen and don’t take your eyes off it whatever you do,” he said.

The green dot was surrounded by black and white horizontal lines that looked as if they were growing and shrinking.  

He said you shouldn’t be scared if the ceiling even looks like it’s contracting, as that’s to be expected.

“It’s gonna be crazy. If it works let me know because that is insane,” he said. 

Recently, an optical illusion involving a geometric drawing went viral. It tricks the brain into thinking there are rays emerging out of the centre. 

The sunray illusion by Michael Karlovich and Pascal Wallisch appears to show bright rays emerging from the centre of intersecting ring-like shapes. It looks as if rays are coming through the cloud cover.   

However, this is where it all gets fascinating. The rays are not actually there and are generated by the brain as it interprets what the eyes see.  

The perception is stronger if there are more intersections and the shapes are better aligned, which forces the brain to connect the dots. The optical illusion is an example of how our brains interpret information in a way that is most plausible, like likening it to an actual sun with rays.    

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