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Sweet Revenge! Woman Poses As Job Recruiter To Teach Cheating BF A Lesson

What will be your reaction after you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Obviously not great right. While some may want to move on, others may plot their revenge to show the cheating ex how they don’t forget anything. 

One woman posed as a LinkedIn job recruiter to seek revenge on her boyfriend who cheated on her. 

girl being interviewed

According to Daily Star, Kylah planned this entire thing for a month. In the said pictures which were shared on TikTok, the woman a cut-out pattern crop top and a pair of grey joggers. 

She claimed: “When my ex cheated on me so I posed as a LinkedIn recruiter and made him go thru a month a long interview process then sent him a detailed rejection letter about how he’s not [the] sh*t.”

cheating bf

Kylah then claimed in the caption: “His resume was trash anyways.”  

People were left amazed by the woman’s dedication. Many even praised her for her antics. 

One person expressed: “You’re my hero, honestly.”

Another user praised: “You’re an absolute queen for this!!”

while a third person wrote: “Obsessed with this level of deception and commitment.”

However, some even thought that this was just evil. 

someone taking an interview

One person declared: “Out of all the revenge stories on TikTok this is the most evil one.”

As a second blasted: “When she’s so immature and insecure that she resorts to childish pranks to feel validation.”

Also, a user slammed: “Girl…that is toxic.”

What do you think?

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