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Woman Shaves Her Head, Donates Her Hair To Support Her Mother-In-Law Who Has Cancer

Namitha Varma Rajesh who is a content lead at an online finance company recently shaved her head. She donated her hair too. She did this as she want to provide emotional support to her mother-in-law who is suffering from stage 3 ductal carcinoma and will be needing chemotherapy.

Namitha reportedly said, “We didn’t want her to get bogged down by the fear of the disease. I’ve thought about this and once her hair begins to fall, I’ll tell her, ‘Look maa, I also did it and it’s okay.” She added, “I also hope this inspires people to donate hair that would help so many patients out their who cannot afford natural hair wigs.”

The sentiment behind is really selfless and inspiring. In the picture you can see, Namitha happily getting clicked with what seems like a healthy growth of hair, now all chopped off. Notice how she is holding braids which will be easier to donate.  


daughter shaves head


Cancer cells grow fast and chemotherapy is meant to tackle that by killing the rapidly-growing cells. Since these drugs travel throughout the body, they can also affect the fast-growing healthy cells too. Damage to healthy cells can lead to side effects. According to cancer.org, this part (losing hair) of cancer treatment worries a lot of patients.

The blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, hair follicles, cells in mouth, digestive tract and reproductive system are the ones that get affected in chemo. That is why hair fall is common in the treatment of cancer. Some chemo drugs can even damage cells in the bladder, lungs, kidney, heart and nervous system. 


daughter shaves head


Doctors try to give chemo at levels that help to treat cancer, and at the same time keep the side effects to the minimum. 

In a world where we hear the news of son and daughter-in-law not only abandoning their parents, but in some cases, even throwing them out of their own property, this sounds and comes across as a heartwarming gesture; it indeed is. People are greedy and they do not even care about their own parents when money and property are involved. 

We wish more power to the family, the woman is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like Namitha. We also hope that the hair she donated really changes the life of someone who cannot afford to buy expensive wigs. 

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